Friday, September 22, 2017


I am offering all my 28 ebooks for crazy prices of less than $5. My ebooks are now on sales for prices ranging from 0.99 cents, $1.9, $2.99, $3.99 and $4.99.
This is the craziest prices I have ever sold my ebooks. You have no excuse again not to lay your hand on these great ebooks God is using to set people free from the bondage of the forces of darkness.
I am giving out the books for the prices for the next three days. Make the best use of these opportunities before I change my mind.
Spiritual bondage is never the will of God. Stop allowing the devil to shortchange your destiny. You don't have all eternity to live on planet earth. Time is not on your side. It doesn't matter how long you've have been suffering spiritually, you can be free this day by the grace of God.
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Listen to me, if you die in bondage and make heaven you will cry due to your ignorance on earth and living below God's perfect plans for your life.
Jesus came to set people free from the forces of wickedness. He is till delivering people today. You can be delivered. You just need the extra knowledge and targeted warfare prayers to help you overcome.
Prophetic warfare prayers is an advance form of praying. I did just warfare prayers for many years without much results until I discovered what I now term PROPHETIC WARFARE PRAYERS. In these amazing ebooks you will get advanced prophetic warfare prayers that can solve long standing spiritual problems.
The bonanza is to help as many as possible to receive their deliverance in Christ Jesus. You just have to grab this opportunity while it last. In THREE DAYS TIME THE PRICES WILL CHANGE BACK. Go get your copies now @
My Jesus still remains,

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